Vye Road overpass/Hwy 11 project to cost $6 million more than first thought

Vye Road overpass/Hwy 11 project to cost $6 million more than first thought

City and province to split latest increase in project’s price tag

The cost to widen Highway 11 near the border and build an overpass at Vye Road continues to grow, with Abbotsford and the province each set to pay millions more than first expected when the long-delayed project was first announced six years ago.

It’s the second time millions have been added to the project’s estimated price tag.

Last week, the city revealed that the cost to complete the project had risen to $37.3 million. Construction is now expected to begin later this year.

When the project was first announced in 2013, the price tag of $25 million was to be split equally three ways between the city, the province and the federal government. However, negotiations between government and the railroads delayed construction for years, and the estimated costs have now increased twice.

In 2017, the project’s budget was increased to $30 million, with the city and province splitting the $5 million in additional costs.

Earlier this year, a consultant reported that another $7.3 million would be needed to complete the project, city staff said last week. The city and the province will again split the increased costs. Each will now pay more than $14 million to build the project. Meanwhile, the federal government’s $8.3 million commitment hasn’t budged from 2013.

Canadian Pacific Rail will now also chip in $500,000 of labour and material towards the project. The most recent news will cost the city and the province about $3.5 million each.

A city spokesperson said the new project costs “reflect current market costs and property values.”

Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun focused on the impending construction, rather than the increased bill, when he spoke at council last week.

“This is a long time coming, but I’m glad we’re here.”

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