A Chilliwack man was run off the road twice on Highway 1 on Wednesday afternoon. (YouTube)

A Chilliwack man was run off the road twice on Highway 1 on Wednesday afternoon. (YouTube)

VIDEO: Chilliwack man shares scary highway encounter in Abbotsford

Destin Belisle said he was run off the road twice by a semi truck on Feb. 3

A Chilliwack man is still shaken after being nearly run off the road by a semi truck on Highway 1 near the Mt. Lehman exit in Abbotsford on Wednesday (Feb. 3) afternoon.

Destin Belisle said that the semi initially cut him off just past the 232nd Street exit, forcing him to move from the middle lane to the left lane and cutting off several cars in the process. When he passed the truck, he decided to flip his middle finger to the driver.

Belisle said the truck then cut him off and forced him to the shoulder at the 264th Street exit when he was trying to get off the highway. He decided to return to the highway to get the driver’s licence plate and truck number, and the truck driver began tailgating him.

Near the Mt. Lehman exit the truck driver again ran Belisle off the road into the shoulder, which was the video he shared from his dashcam. The driver actually brakes several times on the highway in the video and Belisle is forced to go around him.


Belisle said he was particularly upset because his two-year-old son was a passenger during the encounter. He said he called the local authorities, but was told that they were too busy dealing with a shooting in Chilliwack to respond to the issue.

Belisle, who said he is a Class 1 driver himself, said the behaviour of the truck driver was unacceptable.

To see the original video, visit youtu.be/MOC6HEvVAQA.

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