VIDEO: Artifacts of Abbotsford past unsealed from time capsule

VIDEO: Artifacts of Abbotsford past unsealed from time capsule

25-year-old capsule dug up at Sevenoaks

Out with the old and in with the new.

That’s what was done with a time capsule at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre on Canada Day, the nation’s 150th anniversary of confederation.

Video by Greg Laychak and Kelvin Gawley

The 25-year-old time capsule, sealed and buried in 1992, was dug up and opened Saturday morning.

“We found some very interesting things from all the students from various schools around the area,” said Tom Babbs, the mall’s general manager who pulled the items out one-by-one and revealed them to the crowd assembled in the parking lot.

Among the items were editions of The News, school yearbooks, floppy disks, magazines and VHS tapes (which many of the kids present did not recognize, Babbs said).

There was also a hockey card of former Canuck Pavel Bure. Tim Folster, who put the card in the capsule as a 10-year-old, was on-hand to see his collectible in the light of day once more.

“It’s cool,” he said. “I kind of remember putting it in there but had no idea it when it was going to open.”

The capsule was filled with new items –fidget spinners, an iPhone, kids’ crafts, a recent issue of The News – to be resealed and buried in the same parking lot garden and opened in another 25 years, on Canada’s 175th birthday.

“Everybody in 25 years will look at that and go ‘What the heck was this?’” Babbs said.


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