‘Very minor incident’ led to late-night shooting

‘Very minor incident’ led to late-night shooting

One man in custody, another in hospital following Monday incident

A minor argument escalated into a road-rage incident and late-night shooting in central Abbotsford on Monday, according to police.

Two men – one in a red car, the other in a pickup truck – with a dispute between them saw each other on the road late Monday and began trying to ram and overtake one another, said Sgt. Judy Bird. They were angry about a previous incident, the details of which she would not discuss but said was “very minor” and not related to organized crime or drugs.

They drove down Hawthorne Avenue, where witnesses told The News they saw the two vehicles attempting to pass one another and eventually stop in front of a home in the 33000 block of Hawthorne, at the corner of Fairview Street.

The two men got out of their vehicles in front of the home and began fighting, Bird said. At this time, shortly before 11 p.m., neighbours phoned police. While police were en route to the scene, the driver of the red car shot the other man, she said.

Police saw the car leaving the area, pulled it over and arrested the 35-year-old. The man is known to police and remains in custody, facing firearms charges as well as personal-injury charges, which are being finalized with the Crown, Bird said.

The suspect is known to frequent the Hawthorne residence, which Bird said is a “problem residence” that police have responded to for multiple drug- and property-crime-related calls in the last year.

The daughter of the home’s elderly owner said her brother lives in the home and has been involved in drugs and other crimes. Several neighbours also identified it as a problem residence.

Multiple witnesses in the area said they had seen the red car around the area in recent days.

The victim, who Bird said is also known to police, remains in hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The Abbotsford Police Department’s major crime unit is investigating the incident.

Individuals with information about the incident are asked to call the APD at (604) 859-5225 or text 222973 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.