UPDATE: Urban Trail proposal scaled down

Abbotsford Council will consider a downsized proposal of a project that was previously turned down.

A smaller, revamped $1 million Urban Trail proposal was given initial approval by council on Monday.

Mark Taylor, general manager of Parks Recreation and Culture received council’s consent to continue an application for $800,000 in provincial funding, from the Community Recreation Program Grant.

An application has already been submitted, but would not have been reviewed by the provincewithout a cuncil resolution.

Taylor also asked council to approve a request for a capital expenditure of $117,000 from parkland development cost charges and $83,000 from existing trail donations in advance of the 2012 capital budget.

Last month, council denied his request for funding for a larger, $3.3-million trail project.

The new plan would still take advantage of the provincial grant opportunity, without asking for any gas tax funds.

The result was a downsized trail.

“We had proposed Mill Lake to Hazelwood Cemetery, now we’re proposing Mill Lake, through Ravine Park, to the back side of Mark’s Work Wearhouse,” (near McCallum Road and Five Corners), said Taylor.

The budget breaks down to $603,000 for trail construction, materials and labour; $177,000 for boardwalks, ramps and kiosks; $93,000 for fencing and signage; $70,000 for trail furnishings and planting and $57,000 for planning and design.

Council will not give final consent on the trail project until after it get confirmation of the $800,000 in provincial funding.