David Kuntz-Angel, known for impersonating Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth, is facing sex charges against an underage girl.

David Kuntz-Angel, known for impersonating Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth, is facing sex charges against an underage girl.

Underage sex trial for Chilliwack David Lee Roth impersonator continues

Alleged victim spent eight days on the stand recounting 10 years of sexual interference

The alleged victim of ongoing underage sexual interference spent eight days on the witness stand last month with the help of a support dog in a trial that isn’t done yet.

David Paul Kuntz-Angel, who has several other aliases including David Lee Roth, is charged with underage sexual interference dating back more than a decade.

Kuntz-Angel is accused of grooming the complainant from the age of eight to 19 when she complained to police.

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But the court heard that the police were called numerous times over the years when strangers witnessed interactions between the now 53-year-old Kuntz-Angel and the young girl.

The first witness in the trial – which started March 4 in B.C. Supreme Court – was Christopher Janzen who reported seeing Kuntz-Angel in April 2007 at the Landing Leisure Centre pool. Janzen told the court that he was with his wife, sitting in the hot tub when he saw the young girl wearing street clothing that did not appear appropriate for the pool.

Janzen said what started to stand out for him in the public pool even more was the way the older man was touching the girl, who he estimated to be about eight or nine years old.

“It was almost as if I was watching a couple being intimate and close,” he said.

Janzen reported it to the lifeguard who did not do anything. He then confronted Kuntz-Angel himself.

“I said ‘Hey, you know there are cameras in here and you need to be more careful of what you are doing. I see what you are doing and it’s not OK,’” he told the court.

Under cross examination, Kuntz-Angel’s lawyer suggested that Janzen’s judgment about her client’s actions were because he looked “creepy,” something that Janzen had told police.

“Based on his appearance you made a judgment about him?”

“No, it wasn’t based on his appearance, it was based on his actions,” Janzen replied.

The second witness in the trial was another stranger to Kuntz-Angel who again witnessed something curious. John Marshall said he was with another man in August 2016 when he saw a vehicle parked at the end of a street in the Eastern Hillsides that he frequents every day for work. Because of ongoing problems with illegal dumping, Marshall went to check it out when he saw Kuntz-Angel.

“I saw a gentleman come out of the bushes carrying a blanket and a young girl with him,” Marshall testified. “She looked scared. She looked worried. It didn’t look right.”

The third witness in the case was RCMP Const. Alain Castonguay. After that was the complainant, J.K., who was supposed to appear via close-circuit TV with a support dog but in the end she testified in open court with the dog and its handler sitting next to her.

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Early on in her testimony, J.K. detailed various sexual encounters from touching to intercourse starting at about the age of eight. She was on the stand for eight days taking questions from the Crown followed by cross-examination by Kuntz-Angel’s legal team.

Only a few days before the trial, Kuntz-Angel was denied bail at a hearing. Part of that decision against him related to the fact that he was on the lam for several months in late 2017.

Kuntz-Angel was known in Chilliwack and in various communities all the way to Ontario for his compulsion to pretend he is David Lee Roth, the former lead singer of Van Halen.

Newspaper reports from the Brantford, Ontario area from over a decade ago detail incidents where Kuntz-Angel passed himself off as Roth leading to media hype that even caused the real David Lee Roth to issue a statement saying he wasn’t in the area.

Kuntz-Angel himself was on the stand in his case on March 29, and the trial is scheduled to resume on April 15.

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