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Two years on the run: Abbotsford stray dog safely caught by tracking team

Lacey the dog rescued from poor health and dangers of scavenging rural farming area
Al and Parker from Petsearchers BC with Lacey, a dog that has lived wild for at least two years in Abbotsford. (Petsearchers photo)

Lacey’s long wander around a rural Abbotsford area has come to a tail-wagging conclusion.

The elusive dog has been living on her own, scavenging and relying on help from farmers and residents, for at least two years. So a special tracking team from Surrey were called in to see if they could capture her. The area the dog was living in is known for coyotes and even cougars, and it was hoped if she was caught she could live a longer and happier life.

And on July 2, after months of efforts, Lacey was captured.

Al MacLellan of Petsearchers Canada, a pet recovery and bloodhound tracking service, reported their successful capture on social media pages the same day.

He and his son Parker, along with the help of volunteer Karen Mackay, were able to set up a net trap that eventually did the trick. But it was an “extensive and challenging search,” MacLellan said.

Lacey, who is a Great Pyrenees and Maremma cross, had been eluding capture but her health was in danger, he wrote.

“When we first learned about her condition, it was evident that she was malnourished and her chances of survival were slim,” he said. “Nevertheless, we took on the challenge of capturing her, not realizing how many months it would take.”

He said the “smart girl” was resourceful and outwitted their attempts to lure her.

“We were determined not to give up because we knew this lost or abandoned dog was relying on us for help, even though she didn’t realize it,” he said. “We continued to provide her with food, knowing that without our assistance, she wouldn’t survive since some of the farms that used to feed her were now abandoned.”

Since they trapped her and brought her to their farm in Surrey, she’s quickly adapted to being a cared-for animal.

She has her own yard to explore and MacLellan said she is adapting well and bonding with the Petsearchers Canada family.

Lacey, as they’ve named her, has been for a thorough vet visit and is estimated be three or four years old. She has no microchip and has never been reported missing.

Eventually, when she seems up for it, they’ll even give her a full “spa day” with a bath, grooming and nail session.

MacLellan added that they’ll keep their followers updated on her progress, and that she will eventually be placed in her forever home.

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