Two drivers road-rage while kids in their cars

An Abbotsford Police officer pulled over the drivers on Saturday on Downes Road

An Abbotsford Police officer pulled over two drivers who he saw involved in a road-rage incident on Saturday, only to discover that each man had a child in the car.

Const. Ian MacDonald said the drivers were seen by the officer at around noon as they headed west on Downes Road near Gladwin Road.

MacDonald said one car was seen passing the other on a double solid line. The car that was passed then sped up, and the officer followed the two as they taunted one another.

The car in front would slow down and not let the other vehicle pass, while the vehicle behind would tail the car in front.

Eventually, the two cars ended up side by side at the traffic light on Downes Road at Clearbrook, and the offficer could see them gesturing and hear them cursing at each other.

One of the drivers, a Caucasian man, made a racist comment to the other man, who was South Asian, and the officer feared the situation could become physically violent.

He activated his vehicle’s emergency lights and pulled over both cars.

MacDonald said the officer was surprised to see that each man had a child of about nine years old in his vehicle.

The drivers each received tickets totalling about $200, including for passing on a double solid line and for obstructing traffic. The officer also talked to them about their behaviour, especially in front of impressionable children.

MacDonald said police are concerned not only about the dangerous driving behaviours of the two, but about the racial comments that were made.

“We would think, in an ethnically diverse community like ours, we would be beyond that.”