TransLink asked to allow all dogs on public transit

TransLink asked to allow all dogs on public transit

Margaret Halsey says cities like Toronto, Calgary and Seattle allow all dogs during non-peak times

A New Westminster woman is asking TransLink to allow all dogs on public transit during non-peak times.

Currently, only small dogs that can fit into a carrier and service dogs are allowed.

“Riding with your dog will appeal to lots of people,” Margaret Halsey told the TransLink board of directors at a meeting Thursday. “This change will help those people who don’t have cars or prefer to ride transit when they can.”

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Halsey said she would personally love to take her 42-pound whippet, Smith, on transit rather than drive to far-off parks.

“He would go everywhere with me. We’d be riding on buses and trains if it were allowed.”

Margaret Halsey asks the TransLink board to allow dogs on buses and trains during a board meeting Thursday, Oct. 4. (Katya Slepian/Black Press Media)

She pointed to cities like Toronto, Calgary and Seattle which allow pets on their transit systems, suggesting a pilot project here first.

Halsey, who suggested allowing dogs on buses and SkyTrains four years ago, said if that didn’t work, she’d be okay with the restrictions she initially proposed.

“I suggested dogs could wear a muzzle, a jacket and that they pass a test to show that they are people-friendly, with good manners.”

As for hygiene and dog feces: “Every dog owner would be prepared to clean after it, just like they do outside.”

TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond said staff would soon bring forward a report on pets.


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