Six of the top 10 stories on the Abbotsford News website for 2020 were about the COVID-19 pandemic. (Image courtesy CDC)

Six of the top 10 stories on the Abbotsford News website for 2020 were about the COVID-19 pandemic. (Image courtesy CDC)

Abbotsford News’ 10 most-viewed stories for 2020

Most of the top stories were related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Here’s a look back at the online stories that drew the largest readership (starting with the most-read) on the Abbotsford News website in 2020, according to statistics from Google Analytics:

1. Canadian Costco shoppers not required to wear face masks like in the U.S. (May 1)

COVID-19 dominated the headlines, and changing advice and rules about the wearing of face masks was one of the most-discussed topics.

2. COVID-19: Here’s what is considered an essential service in B.C. (March 26)

In late March, COVID-19 started spreading across the globe at an alarming rate and governments began telling businesses to close or change how they did business. As the world turned on its head, governments and people tried to figure out what it all meant.

3. Abbotsford, Surrey weddings cause concern that social-distancing rules not being followed (March 21)

People were angry that while they tried to abide by distancing orders, others looked for loopholes or just plain ignored the guidance.

4. Abbotsford airline passenger lies about coronavirus diagnosis in attempt to get flight changed (March 2)

From businesses that hiked prices to those who hoarded and then sold scarce goods to this fellow, not everyone has behaved admirably in 2020.

5. Abbotsford mom angry that students asked to list positive stories about residential schools (Nov. 25)

The revelation that Abbotsford middle school students were asked to list positive stories about residential schools drew condemnation by the public and elicited a promise to do better by the school board.

6. Isolated Abbotsford doctor issues desperate plea for the public to take drastic COVID-19 action (March 20)

A local doctor pleaded with his fellow Fraser Valley residents to take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously while revealing the stress health care workers were under.

7. COVID-19 outbreak declared at Abbotsford Regional Hospital (May 15)

Several local health care institutions experienced COVID-19 outbreaks this year, including Abbotsford Regional Hospital.

8. New snow warning issued for Abbotsford (Jan. 14)

January often brings with it winter weather. Some love it, some hate it, everyone endures it.

9. Apparent UFO spotted in Abbotsford (Aug. 4)

Unidentified flying objects are frequently seen in the Fraser Valley. Beyond the pandemic, 2020 also brought revelations that the United States military was seriously considering whether recent reports of UFOs might actually be evidence of alien aircraft – and not just optical illusions.

10. Langley litterbugs caught on dashcam trashing Save-On-Foods parking lot (May 2)

Readers were outraged when a vehicle dashcam caught two grocery shoppers stealthily emptying a trunk full of trash into the parking lot of Save-On-Foods on Fraser Highway in Langley.

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