Three rescued pit bulls euthanized

The trio were among eight rescued by the SPCA from an Abbotsford home on Aug. 9.

One of the pit bulls rescued from an Abbotsford home by the SPCA.

One of the pit bulls rescued from an Abbotsford home by the SPCA.

Three of the eight pit bulls that the SPCA seized from an Abbotsford home on Aug. 9 have since been euthanized.

Marcie Moriarty, chief prevention and enforcement officer for the BC SPCA, said the decision was made in consultation with veterinarians and an animal behaviour specialist.

“(It was) very tough, but the reality was, due to the way these dogs were being kept/unsocialized, they were not able to be saved – although they were ultimately saved from a much more horrible existence,” she said.

Five adult pit bulls and three puppies were seized from the home after they were found to be in need of immediate veterinary care.

Moriarty said some of the animals were emaciated and were suffering from untreated lacerations, while the puppies were underweight and dehydrated.

One of the adult dogs required emergency surgery to clean and close some large wounds.

There were also concerns about the unsanitary conditions of the home and the mental health of the two owners.

Moriarty said one of the puppies has since been adopted out, and the other two are up for adoption.

Of the surviving two adult dogs, one is still recovering from surgery, and the owners are fighting to get back the other one.

Once an animal is taken by the SPCA, the owners have 14 days to surrender it to the agency or to appeal the decision.

The SPCA is continuing to investigate the case, and the owners could face criminal charges.

The agency has not revealed the location of the home nor the names of the owners.