Three drunken men come clean in Abbotsford car wash

Abbotsford Police called after trio make a ruckus while using a shopping cart to go through the automated car wash.

Three drunken men come clean in Abbotsford car wash

The chief executive officer of a self-serve car wash chain is pleased that a stunt by three drunken 20-year-old-men on Tuesday night in Abbotsford has garnered so much attention for the company, but advises others not to try the same thing.

Saran Chandra of Washworld – located in Abbotsford at 2731 Ware St. – said the men could have been seriously injured when they went through the automated touchless car wash in a shopping cart.

He said the system offers the “monsoon” and “typhoon”  wash options, and exerts 1,000 pounds of pressure in order to effectively remove caked-on grime from vehicles.

“It’s not designed for the human body. This is like somebody power-washing themselves,” Chandra said.

He said he fielded media calls from across Canada after reports of the men’s shenanigans were posted online Wednesday morning, and was concerned about copycat incidents.

“This is just something really strange.”

Const. Ian MacDonald said police were called to the scene at about midnight Tuesday after neighbours

reported hearing a commotion from the car wash.

“We’re sure (the noise) was a combination of laughter and pain,” he said.

Police discovered that the three men had removed most of their clothes, piled into a shopping cart and entered the car wash. Video from the scene, which Chandra said will not be released to the public, indicated that a friend pulled up in his pickup truck and the group piled into the back.

Police arrived just as the men were putting their clothes back on, and offered some friendly advice – that perhaps the culprits could find a better use of their time.

MacDonald said the trio apologized for the noise and inconvenience, and were sent on their way.

He said there was at least there one upside to the situation: “They were definitely clean.”