Thief arrested in store nine minutes after breaking in

The incident took place on Sumas Way in Abbotsford early Monday morning

Thief arrested in store nine minutes after breaking in

Abbotsford Police officers arrested a break-in suspect early Monday morning as the man had a vehicle backed up to the front door and was still inside the store.

Police were alerted to the store – EB Games in the 1300 block of Sumas Way – when an alarm went off just before 1:30 a.m.

Two plainclothes officers were nearby and responded to the scene. The officers boxed in the suspect vehicle, identified themselves and ordered the man to the ground.

More patrol officers arrived and helped to arrest the culprit, just nine minutes after the alarm was first triggered.

Investigators quickly determined that the vehicle used in the crime had been stolen earlier in the evening.

Dustin Joseph Murphy, 30, has now been charged with break and enter, theft of a motor vehicle, possession of break-in instruments, and disguising his face with intent to commit an offence.

Murphy was convicted in March of several charges in Abbotsford, including possessing a break-in instrument, theft of a motor vehicle, breaching his conditions, and possessing or using a stolen credit card.

He was sentenced to a 30-day jail term.

Murphy also has convictions from September 2014 and March 2015 for driving while prohibited.