The manure incident: What you’re saying

Facebook is buzzing with comments after the city spread chicken dung on a homeless camp

  • Jun. 8, 2013 4:00 p.m.
Chicken manure was dumped on a site on Gladys Avenue

Chicken manure was dumped on a site on Gladys Avenue

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  • Debra LeRose Your just sorry you got caught.

  • Gail Rouse Greenfield I’m sorry you got caught too. The bible belt should be less concerned with this and more concerned with housing the ‘homeless’ who, in many cases, have burnt every bridge available to them so that no one will let them in their homes to even couchsurf.

  • Spenny Kaspick Oh c’mon, it’s just the old “dump a pile of manure in the middle of a vagrant camp” gag! Lighten up people!

  • Greg Tyler If he pledged to actually do something to help them, (not just clean up) his words will have meaning. If he fires the man responsible, his words will have meaning. If takes no action other than public apology, its truly just lip service, which, in itself, speaks to the person.

  • Flagg Robert Why fire the man he needs to be promoted I think it was pure genius.

  • Tim Oneill abbotsford is infamous all over the world now as the place redneck hicks dump chicken poo on homeless people. well i guess that berry thing was getting old anyway now you have something new to be proud of lol perhaps build a large giant chicken poo statue to commemorate the event?

  • Greg Tyler It is interesting to me that George Murray takes responsibility for this. I find it difficult to believe it was his idea he acted alone in instructing city workers to do this. Every manager that had involvement must also go. Whatever their next move is, Canada is watching ……..

  • Stephanie Dawn Ward Abbotsford has plenty of potential happy trees available for the homeless. Go find a new one, problem solved!

  • Janet McNeil I wonder again how much tax payers money was wasted by first dumping this stuff and now cleaning it up???? my taxes keep going up even though we no longer have the water on our taxes it still keeps going up. That money could have been used to perhaps start programs to help people with addictions or mental health and thus help them get jobs, thus helping them find shelter. WOW what a concept that would have been.

  • Dave Randall Cant you figure it out? They dont want to work.Its way more fun to take drugs and drink.They dont want your help..just your money if you give it to them.Wake up

  • Heath William How about all the money that’s wasted weekly to clean the camps up?? This has been going on a long time! And it looks disgusting what the homeless have done to it!

  • Anne-Marie Sjoden Why don’t we send a dump truck over to his house and do the same!
    The say oops Sorry didn’t mean to do that!!!
    I don’t buy his apology after watching it on the news!!!

  • Lynsey Shepherd McConnell What would be the harm in doing a “Tent city” for these people… Maybe the grass lot where the old hospital was… if I knew where all these people were sleeping, I’d be more open to dropping off a case of apple juice or some food…. I’m sure that there would be drug use ect… but isn’t there anyways? its just hidden away, but we all know its happening… let these people have a place to go where they don’t have to be chased out…. just an idea :0)

  • Emma Key I watched it on the news maybe before all the poor homeless comments come out the area was cleaned up no one was there no one was hurt …. no need for him to me sorry I agree with u Heath William

  • Amanda Schaap i don’t understand where the city expects them to go. really if there’s anywhere in town for homeless people to be that’s the spot. It’s not a park. it’s not near a school, it’s between the salvation army and the train tracks in a light industrial area.

  • Nancy Bainbridge Bomak Lynsey Shepherd McConnell – I say we erect Abbotsford’s first Tent City in your back yard!

  • Kate Martens Campbell A Tent City? a terrible idea! Perhaps you can have these street people in your backyard Lynsey?

  • Clay McLean nanananananananananananananananana BANMAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Palomita Caminando This spot is perfect for a community because it is near to the resources they need to make changes. Help is just across the street. Food, counselling, support.

    Some of you are cold hearted. Sickening.

  • Paula Bourque I don’t buy the apology. It was ordered to get them out of there because it was the only way without involving the law.

  • Jeffrey J Soul should have resigned

  • Greg Brown That was a great Apology Mr.Mayor…but I would like to know the ” Reason ” the Fertilizer was dumped where it was ??….Was this a Project that was slated for the 2013/2014 Fiscal year ??….I really can’t see the City of Abbotsford stock piling Chicken Manure, so this was purchased for a specific reason ….Was it for a Work Project ???….or was this done to drive away the People who gather there…Apology or not…I smell a Rat, and someone in the Maintenance /Grounds Dept. has to be held Accountable ….

  • Dale Judith Mueller thanks for the apology, but WHY did it happen?

  • Yvonne Molloy I am ashamed of our city… What a terrible thing to do.

  • Enrique Rempel Last I checked we all make mistakes, I always believe that your character is shown not by the mistakes you make but by how you deal with it afterwards. But who knows, the ones crying for resignations etc probably never made a mistake at their job before, and bosses or people in charge always have full control of everything their employees do.

  • James Inglis This can’t be excused as a “mistake”, not when there is no way that the effect couldn’t be foreseen. The city of Surrey pulled the same stunt in 2009 and faced the wrath of its citizens too. Accepting responsibility is meaningless without there being consequences.