The Frog takes a journey

A ceramic frog went missing from the home of Phyllis Kelso of Abbotsford in 2004, and letters and photos detailed his adventures

'The Frog' is shown here in Versailles in 2004.

'The Frog' is shown here in Versailles in 2004.

Eight years ago, one of Phyllis Kelso’s ceramic frogs went missing from the rock garden in the front of her Abbotsford home.

At first, she and her husband Roy thought “some kid” had stolen the greyish palm-sized ornament, and she would never see it again.

But a short while later, in April 2004, a letter arrived. It was addressed to “Kelso” at the couple’s Mt. Blanchard Drive residence, and the return address simply stated “From The Frog.”

Inside was a typed letter, signed “The Frog,” indicating that he had boarded a flight to Iqaluit, Nunavut to visit his Inuit friend Mamgark.

Included were two photos – one showing The Frog strapped into an airplane seat and the other of him on a bench with Mamgark, who had promised to teach him some throat singing, according to the note.

Two more letters arrived – one in July of that year indicating that The Frog had journeyed to France  and the other in February 2005 saying he was in Russia.

Kelso eagerly awaited the next summary of The Frog’s travels, but years went by without a word. The letters and photos were buried in a drawer, practically forgotten.

Then, on June 25 of this year, a familiarly addressed envelope arrived in the mail. Enclosed was a photo showing The Frog resting in a small rock formation with the message: “I feel tired and lonely and want to come home. I hope you still want me.”

Two more photos/notes arrived – one on July 5 and the other on July 16.

“I will be home soon!” and “It won’t be long” the messages teased.

Finally, on July 16, a box showed up on the Kelsos’ front porch. Inside were The Frog, looking remarkably intact for all his travels, and an addition – a smaller ceramic version with a tiny frog perched on top.

The Frog now had a family.

“I was smitten by her looks and her moves a couple of years ago in a club, and since then we have not been able to be apart … My wandering days are over,” stated the enclosed note.

Kelso is happy The Frog has returned home, but will miss the anticipation of awaiting the next message.

“It’s really been a lot of fun … getting these letters. It’s quite hilarious, really.”