Stevens asks for PSIT bylaw review

Stevens asks for PSIT bylaw review

Councillor Jenny Stevens wants council to review the district’s bylaw regulating the Public Safety Inspection Team and asked the item by included in Monday’s council meeting agenda.

Stevens made the request late Tuesday afternoon after hearing residents’ concerns and made the request so politicians can mull over the issue.

“Is it achieving what it was set out to achieve? Is it effective? Do we need to scrap it and start again?” asked Stevens, who says her intention is not to “bang on the table” to rescind the bylaw. “I’m saying I want it discussed.”

Stevens argues many families have been visited and didn’t receive fines because there were no problems with the home. However, that family’s reputation in the neighbourhood has been tarnished and neighbours think they have done something wrong in order to attract city inspectors and the police.

There are consequences with neighbours, said Stevens.

“Some families want to move out of Mission because they can’t live with their neighbours anymore.”

My job is to listen to people, consider what is being said and respond, she said.

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at municipal hall.