Sign vandalism down in 2015

Staff were called out to fix or replace 539 signs last year, down from 720 in 2014.

Sign vandalism down in 2015

Street signs in Abbotsford were vandalized last year at a rate of more than one per day last year, according to the city’s annual engineering report.

Staff were called to repair or replace damaged or missing signs 539 times last year, a number that was actually down by one-third from 2014, when transportation workers received 720 call-outs.

The city’s annual sign repair budget is $35,000. Thanks to the reduction in vandalism and theft, that figure is down from $44,000 in 2013.

Signs cost between $40 to $150 to repair or replace, depending on the damage.

Although vandals were prolific last year, city staff were even busier, installing 774 new signs and maintaining 6,525 signs across the city.