Image by Dale Klippenstein

Image by Dale Klippenstein

Several vehicles recently stolen in Abbotsford had keys left in ignition

Police report a total of 22 vehicles stolen in last two weeks of April

The Abbotsford Police Department is reminding drivers not to leave keys in their car.

Sgt. Judy Bird said April saw an increase in the number of vehicles stolen – and, in many cases, the culprits did not have to try very hard.

She said that 22 vehicles were stolen between April 15 and 30. In seven of the thefts, the cars were left idling with the keys in the ignition – either to warm up the vehicle or to run an errand inside a store or gas station.

Sgt. Derek Baker of the crime reduction unit said stolen vehicles are often used for other crimes or by those who don’t have licences.

“You can help prevent this by taking a few moments to make sure you lock up your vehicle, and do not ever leave it running unattended,” he said.

Baker said keys are often left in hiding spots such as under the mat, in the centre console and over the sun visor, and thieves know exactly where to look.

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