Sevenoaks Shopping Centre expands recycling program

Organic waste is now included as part of the program in the food court.

  • Nov. 3, 2013 11:00 a.m.

Sevenoaks Shopping Centre has expanded its recycling program to include organic waste in the food court.

As of Tuesday, Oct. 22, all garbage receptacles have been removed from the food court, and customers are now asked to bring their trays to one of the two hostess stations.

Alternatively, the trays can be left on the table to be collected by a food court hostess, who will then dispose of the items, ensuring they are properly sorted for recycling.

“As part of our Corporate Sustainability program, we are excited to add another element to fulfilling the environmental plan and take a huge leap forward in adding the organics program that is mandated by the B.C. government in 2015,” says operations manager Rick Reid.

“Many of the other shopping centres and businesses are looking to how we have designed the program to work with a large volume of consumers and we want to thank North West Waste for their commitment and success to our organics program here at the centre.”

Sevenoaks Shopping Centre has already established two “Green Zones” for retailer recycling of paper, fluorescent lights, plastics, glass, metal and wood as well as several common area receptacles for shoppers to recycle their bottles, cans and newspapers.

All the funds from recycled cans and bottles go to an Abbotsford school district program that supplies lunches to various schools in the community.