SCHOOL BOARD: Schafer, Cindy

School District 34: Schafer, Cindy - Board of Education trustee candidate

  • Oct. 24, 2014 12:00 p.m.
Cindy Schafer

Cindy Schafer

Name:  Cindy Schafer

Party affiliation (if any): none

Education:  College Diploma

Occupation:  Interior Designer

Previous political experience:  Incumbent school trustee

Community involvement:  past PRCC Chair & Commissioner, District Parent Advisory Council Chair, Traffic and Safety Advisory Committee member, Abbotsford Community Foundation Awards committee member, numerous School District committees over the years, as well as BC School Trustee Association Representative and Finance committee member, to name a few.

Marital status/children: Mother of four Abbotsford graduates


Social media:  FB  Cindy Schafer for School Trustee

What do you feel are two key education-related issues Abbotsford voters should be considering when choosing trustee representation in this civic election? Why, and what would you do to address these issues?

I believe voters should choose community representatives who;

1.      understand the role of an elected Board of Education and the governance responsibilities this encompasses.

2.      advocate for public education in the Abbotsford School District which impacts the delivery of educational services to each and every  student, their families and the community at large.

Two key education-related issues that voters in Abbotsford should consider when choosing representatives for school trustee in the upcoming civic election.

Voters should consider candidates who understand the role of elected School Trustees and understand the governance work of an elected Board of Education.   Representatives are elected by the community, on behalf of the community, to provide accountability and oversight to public education.   Boards of Education have legislated responsibilities to fulfill, such as, submission of the Annual Budget and Student Achievement Contract.  Setting policy is board work and is ongoing, as views and needs change and are addressed through policy development.  Visiting schools (when appropriate), participating in student and school celebrations, and seeing our students graduate is rewarding and gratifying work of a Trustee.

Voters should consider candidates who will advocate broadly for public education at all levels of government and through provincial and national organizations who impact the work of boards.

As current Chair of the Abbotsford Board of Education, it has been my privilege to be an elected trustee for the past nine years, including six years as Chair.  I share the vision of providing a world-class, innovative, and individualized educational experience for every student.  I have been, and will continue to be a strong advocate for public education, keeping the best interests of students, their families and the community in mind, while conducting board business. Thank you, Cindy Schafer, School Trustee.

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