Salvation Army’s Cascade Culinary Arts School to close its doors

The school in Abbotsford is no longer economically viable

Cascade Culinary Arts School

Cascade Culinary Arts School

The Salvation Army announced today that it is closing its Cascade Culinary Arts School on Oct. 31 because it is no longer economically sustainable.

Deb Lowell, public relations director, said in a press release that the school has recently been in a “period of transition.”

She said a decision was made in the spring to offer only the Professional Cook 1 program at the school to address staffing changes and other “operational challenges.”

“It was our great hope that we could increase the student body and sustain the school, but despite our best efforts to investigate every opportunity and possibility, the reality is that the school is no longer economically sustainable,” Lowell said.

She said there are other institutions, such as University of the Fraser Valley, that offer the same program.

Lowell said the Salvation Army is committed to working through the transition period and supporting staff and students with their ongoing education and future plans.

The culinary arts program began in 1993 and, over the years, expanded to provide industry-standard curriculum.

In 2003, the program was accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC, allowing students to apply for government assistance for registered apprentices.

The school has operated out of the Salvation Army’s Cascade Community Church on DeLair Road in recent years, offering chef training, institutional chef training and the Professional Cook 1 program.

Students also provided catering services for events taking place at the church, including weddings, conferences, seminars and meetings.

Lowell said Salvation Army staff will work with those who have bookings “to facilitate an effective transition period and ensure the success of (their) function or celebration event.”

She advised anyone with concerns about an upcoming event to contact the bookings coordinator at 604-556-7000.