Rotary Club of Abbotsford president

Rotary Club of Abbotsford president

Rotary: A shot at a million dollars!

Rotary Club of Abbotsford kicked off the first day of the Rotary Million Dollar Hole in One at Fraserglen Golf Course, Abbotsford

The Rotary Club of Abbotsford kicked off its annual Rotary Million Dollar Hole in One today.

Since 1998 this local event has raised over a half million dollars for Abbotsford Hospice and the Abbotsford Regional Hospital – one golf ball at a time!

“This year Rotary took aim toward a project near and dear to the Club’s community service heart – Starfish Packs.  In it’s third year partnership, working with the Abbotsford Food Bank to feed hungry children in Abbotsford, we hope to score big for the local backpack program,” said program chair, Shirley Wilson. See Starfish video.

Honouring Chase (Chase’s Birthday Wish) the Club invited this young local superhero to join them at the opening of this year’s event.  Inspired by his goal to raise $50 for Starfish, Chase raised $8,206 for the program in support of kids who are hungry, including some kids he knows personally.  He knows he is helping others, and he wants you to do the same. Joining Chase at the opening were Mayor Henry Braun and MLA Darryl Plecas.

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Visit for more information on this week’s schedule and to check out the leaderboard, during May 28th to June 5th, to see who will qualify for the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals on June 5th. Updates will be made on a daily basis, see who will get closer for one shot at $1,000,000! Watch for updates.

Chase’s birthday wish: To raise $9,000 for Starfish Pack Program

by Vikki Hopes – Abbotsford News posted Feb 24, 2016 at 3:00 PM

Chase, age 6, has always had a kind heart and loves helping others, according to his mom, Eliza Miller.

When the two were discussing his upcoming birthday on March 22, Miller mentioned that they have too many toys in their home. She asked Chase what he could do for his birthday to avoid collecting more.

“First he wanted to give away all his things. Then he realized he likes his things and that would make him sad,” Miller said.

She said her son has always been curious about the food bank and other charities, and Chase wondered if his friends would give items to the food bank instead of giving him toys.

Miller had a suggestion for him. She knew about the Abbotsford Food Bank’s Starfish Pack Program, which provides backpacks filled with food for kids to take home on the weekends. Chase loved the idea.

“He said, ‘I have $50 in my piggy bank. If all my friends gave me a dollar, I’ll have $50 plus my $50, and then we will give that $100 to the Starfish program,’ ” Miller said.

The two made a poster to promote Chase’s plan and posted it on Facebook. Within 48 hours, $534 had been collected, enough to meet the $525 cost of filling one backpack for one child for an entire school year.

Chase was so encouraged by the response that he changed his goal. He is now aiming to collect $9,000 to fill 17 backpacks.

Miller said every day when Chase comes home from school, he looks at the list of donations and says: “Wow, Mom! People really care about the kids!”

Play Abby (2043 Abbotsford Way) is collecting donations on Chase’s behalf. Miller asks that people write their name with their donation because Chase would like to thank everyone personally.

Donations can also be made via PayPal at For more information, visit “Chase’s Birthday Wish” on Facebook. Donations will be collected until March 31.

For more information about the Starfish Pack program, visit The program is coordinated locally by the Abbotsford Rotary Club and currently provides backpacks to 263 children in the community.

The Rotary Club of Abbotsford presented the prestigious Paul Harris Fellowship Awards to four individuals in recognition of their exceptional service to our community.

Prestigious Paul Harris Fellowships Awarded

This recognition, named for Paul Harris the founder of Rotary International, is bestowed to both members of the local club and community individuals who have given outstanding service to their organization and community. “The following individuals exemplify by their actions and deeds the Rotary motto of Service above Self and we wish to honor and thank these Starfish Pack Champions,” says Club President Leslie McConnell.

Chase was honored with a Paul Harris award, for raising $8,206 to fund 15 back packs as his birthday wish for the Starfish Pack Program in Abbotsford. Chase, along with the support of his mom, raised money for children who are going hungry in our community and wanted to help other kids less fortunate.

Rebecca Thuro works for the Abbotsford Food Bank and has been instrumental in creating and maintaining the website. She also provides support to eight other Rotary Clubs who have launched this same program in their communities to feed hungry children.

Brad Friesen, Plant Manager Hershey Canada, Brookside Plant sponsored 12 Starfish Back Packs for two years and donated Valentine’s Day candy in 2016 for nearly 500 kids being supported through Starfish Back Pack program. Brookside Farms began in 1954 in BC’s beautiful Fraser Valley. Over the years, they developed patented technology to create soft, sweetened fruit flavored centers from classic favorites and unique taste sensations. All to create the ultimate chocolate experience.

Nick Taylor, Canadian Professional Golfer, raised in Abbotsford who through RBC Golf4Kids choose the Starfish Pack program as his charity of choice and raised $15,000 that allowed the program to add two new schools to Starfish. More kids are being helped as a result of his talent and commitment.

For more information about the Starfish Pack Program, please visit