Road to Aldergrove border to be widened

Road to Aldergrove border to be widened

The road will be five lanes for a mile.

A public info session is to be held next week on the major expansion planned for Langley’s only border crossing.

The provincial and federal governments are to spend $25.5 million on widening Highway 13 from 8th Avenue all the way south to the Aldergrove border crossing. That stretch of road extends from 264th Street and begins where it curves to the east.

Southbound, the road is to be widened to three lanes to allow for a NEXUS and commercial truck crossing lane.

Going north, there will be two lanes, including a truck climbing lane for the steep slope.

A new east-west connection is to be built at 3B Avenue.

The information session is to be held Oct. 25, from 3 to 7 p.m. at Poppy Estates Golf Course at 3834 248th St.

The border crossing facility on the Canadian side was expanded during a two-year project that wrapped up in 2016, as part of a $17.7 million upgrade that allowed for the construction of a NEXUS lane.

That project had been a repeated request of the Langley business community, which wanted better border access for commercial vehicles.