Rhonda Pauls seeks second term as trustee

School District 34: Pauls was first elected to the board of education in 2011 - Trustee candidate

Rhonda Pauls

Rhonda Pauls

Rhonda Pauls will seek a second term as a school trustee in the municipal election on Nov. 15.

Pauls was first elected to the board of education in 2011 after many years as district parent advisory chair. She has a passion for kids and families and believes it takes a “village to raise a child”. Her commitment to addressing the diverse needs of this community, and sound leadership and decision making for Abbotsford students remains her top priority.

As a commissioner on the parks, recreation and culture commission, she is an advocate for youth programming in the community and its accessibility for students. She is also involved at the local and provincial levels as a program director for youth sport official mentorship programs.

Pauls says she believes Abbotsford is one of the best school districts in this province because of its commitment to quality teaching, focus on early learning and diversity of program options for secondary students.

Pauls says having six children in the Abbotsford school system for the last 17 years has given her ample opportunity to recognize, appreciate and promote the value of an education in Abbotsford.

She believes there is always room for improvement and is committed to working together with this community to ensure that is a reality for Abbotsford students.

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