Readers remember George Ferguson

Condolences and memories pour in for legendary mayor.

George Ferguson takes part in an event in 1972

George Ferguson takes part in an event in 1972

‘Very good,’ was his trademark phrase. The community is going to miss him. So many George Ferguson stories to tell, so many public events, so many meetings, so many political anecdotes dear to Abbotsford’s heart. Someone should write a book about him.

Rick Rake

• • 

He was an amazing leader, a true consensus-builder. I was privileged to serve with him on Council. Everyone loved him, everyone respected him. I’ll miss him, especially his sense of humour. He was truly “Mr. Abbotsford.”

MLA Simon Gibson

• • 

Rest in peace, George!!

Abbotsford’s greatest mayor. George had a remarkable talent for making citizens feel heard, especially when he voted against what you wanted. I don’t think there was a time I walked into his office without him knowing what shoes I was wearing – he was very observant and tried not to show it.

Dustin Ellis

• • 

When I think of “people that represent Abbotsford,” his comes to mind first.

Andrew Dück

• • 

My condolences to the family and in fact the city of Abbotsford. George Ferguson was, IMO, the best “real” politician in Abbotsford history. I would always see him walking through the streets or in stores speaking with the citizens. He was a true gentleman and an honourable Mayor.

Neil Tanner

• • 

George Ferguson became my friend in 1969, when he asked me over coffee what I thought of his intention to run as an alderman for the District of Sumas. Go for it I said, and the rest is history. George’s legacy is that he built Abbotsford into what it is today.

After becoming mayor of the District of Sumas, he engineered the unification of the Village of Abbotsford with Sumas. A few years later, he convinced the unorganized area of Huntingdon to leave the Fraser Valley Regional District and join Abbotsford. Then in 1995 he convinced voters of Abbotsford and Matsqui to amalgamate.

But he wasn’t done yet . . . in 2008 the unorganized territory of Sumas Mountain was amalgamated into Abbotsford.

George was the unity that has brought us all together into what is the largest city by area in the province. . . I shall always remember that, and treasure the almost 50-year-long friendship he and I shared.

Mark Rushton

• • 

Awww, shame… was always nice to run into him, at Legal Grounds.

Condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

Rhiannyn Grahame

• • 

Condolences to the family. He represented Abbotsford so well for many years. Always so nice to all that he met anywhere.

Dianna Louise Buehler

• • 

Aww. Rest in peace George.

You served the city and town of Abbotsford very very well.

Thank you for your time efforts and knowledge and thank you for the alr 🙂 So sorry for the loss. He will be missed.

Kyle Zurowski

• • 

RIP You led this town well.

Daphne Georgina Barclay

• • 

So sorry to hear this news. George was a wonderful man who will be missed by many. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

Vicki Raw

• • 

I was just talking about him to my son since we live off of GFW, about how the street was re-named after him.

Veronica VanHern

• • 

A true and forever legend.

Clayton Ingle

• • 

May he rest in peace. He was a great man and great mayor.

Patricia Allard-Bergen

• • 

Rest in Peace, thank you for all your service.

Chantell Fadden

• • 

Best mayor we ever had RIP

Andy N Trudy

• • 

Such a loss, a kind, caring gentleman who was the people’s mayor. Best mayor we ever had.

Steve Oldroyd

• • 

It was an honour to have been able to speak with him regarding social issues. He was a man of the people and willing to make change if he could. This is a sad day for me.

Jim Wright

• • 

It was an honour, Mr. George Ferguson, to have taken care of you in the last few months. RIP! My thoughts are with all your family and friends.

Jenn Lovett

• • 

I don’t even think he ran for mayor in 2005 I just think that we missed him so much we asked him to come back and save us from the mayor that we had at the time Mary Reeves

Wendy Shilson

• • 

He was a wonderful man of integrity and he will be missed by many!!

Gayle Clayton

• • 

So sad to hear of this! George was a great man..He never said no to an interview at anytime during My time working at CFVR/850. My condolences to his family.

Roch Shannon Fraser

• • 

Our condolences to his wife and family. He so loved Abbotsford and served his community with dedication and integrity.

Maggie Reimer

• • 

RIP, sir. His dedication to the city was inspirational. We always loved and admired how he made the time for people at events such as Canada Day and the Remembrance Day ceremonies. My daughter Jordyn was so impressed when I introduced her to him. ‘’Dad, you know the mayor of Abbotsford?’’ 🙂 That made us feel both very special. Thank you for your service.

Chris Bonin

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