Power outages leave Missionites in the dark

Power outages leave Missionites in the dark

Just over 1,400 people were without power Thursday afternoon, while another 4,500 had no electricity Wednesday night for two hours.

BC Hydro reported an outage May 26 from 11:52 a.m. until 12:52 p.m. affecting 1,437 customers in an area within Seventh Avenue and Commercial Avenue, and east of Maple Street to west of Lougheed Highway.

No cause has been listed yet.

On Wednesday evening, a larger swath of the community’s lights went out between 8:28 p.m. and 10:36 p.m. when a breaker tripped at a substation, said BC Hydro spokesperson Simi Heer.

Why the breaker tripped is still unknown, she said, however, it generally happens if an animal gets into the substation or a branch hits a live wire.

The outage happened between Shook Road and Tyler Street, and Monte Vista Street and Mary Street. Hydro says 4,555 customers were without power.

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