Police say Jeff Goddard created another fake online persona

Investigators want to speak with anyone who had contact online, over the phone or in person with 'Ryan Martin Stewart'

The name on his Facebook page is “Ryan Martin Stewart.”

He is a supervisor at “Stewart Landscaping LTD.” – a family-owned business – and an assistant director of marketing for a company that sells hand-crocheted items.

He is from Calgary, lives in Abbotsford, and attended Langley Secondary and then the B.C. Institute of Technology.

According to the Abbotsford Police Department (APD), the information is all bogus and created by convicted child lurer Jeffrey Goddard, 22, in violation of his probation conditions.

Goddard, who was released in February after serving two-thirds of a 20-month sentence, was re-arrested last week and charged with four counts of breach.

Now, the APD wants anyone who had contact with the fake persona of “Ryan Martin Stewart” – whether online, over the phone or in person – to come forward.

“Our biggest concern at this point is that he (Goddard) may have attempted to (pose as Ryan Stewart) outside of Facebook as well,” MacDonald said.

The Facebook page for Ryan Martin Stewart was created on May 24 and has a list of 296 “friends.”

“Friends” are added when a person with a Facebook page sends a request that is accepted by another Facebook user. This then enables them to see each other’s postings and photos, and to send messages back and forth.

MacDonald said the fact that the Ryan Stewart page has so many followers is alarming.

“It’s a scary recipe when you think of how hundreds of people have allowed access to their personal information and photos from someone who has a criminal history for sex offences,” he said.

The Facebook page also includes a link to another Facebook page, set up on July 29, for the fake company Stewart Landscaping LTD.

“Want to get a great deal on lawn mowing? Contact us for more details,” states one post.

Goddard previously pleaded guilty to invitation to sexual touching, communicating via a computer to lure a child, impersonating a police officer, and two breach charges.

He had created bogus Facebook pages in 2010, posing as a teenage girl, a TV producer and a police officer offering rides in a patrol car using names such as  “Julia Luzak,” “Ryan Barns” and “Jordan Hobbs.”

He then used those aliases to connect with eight youths – ages 12 to 16 – online, over the phone and in person. One boy he befriended stayed with Goddard for two weeks, during which time Goddard crawled into bed with him at night and, on one occasion, suggested the two take a shower together and have sex.

Court-ordered conditions following his release from prison included that he have no contact with anyone under the age of 18, not use any electronic device that can access the Internet, and not establish or maintain any social networking site.

The APD alleges that Goddard not only set up the “Ryan Martin Stewart” Facebook page, but had contact with “more than one” youth in person since his release.

Anyone who has had contact with “Ryan Martin Stewart” or “Stewart Landscaping” is asked to contact the Abbotsford Police Department at 604-859-5225.