Police recount ticketed drivers’ worst excuses

Police say one driver abandoned vehicle, jumped into a police cruiser unawares.

Some of Abbotsford’s poor drivers are even worse liars.

The Abbotsford Police Department has again launched its annual “Driving Excuses Week,” in which the department posts on its social media accounts laughable reasons for breaking traffic laws.

“This is my first ticket ever!” one driver told an officer after being pulled over. The officer reminded the driver of a previous ticket written for running the same stop sign just two weeks prior.

Another driver said, “I wasn’t using my phone. You are mistaken,” after being pulled over. The argument failed when the officer pointed out the driver was still holding the device.

One woman said she was speeding on her way to “an emergency.” And that was? A husband who had called because of their crying baby.

And another post relays a story of an intoxicated driver abandoning a vehicle, jumping into a police cruiser thought to be a cab, and imploring the driver to “Get me out of here, buddy, cops are everywhere tonight.”

The department will be posting more throughout the week at facebook.com/AbbyPoliceDept and on Twitter, at @AbbyPoliceDept.