Pellets hit two cars travelling in Abbotsford

A family coming home from Seattle was startled when they heard a loud bang and thought a rock had hit their car on July 1.

This mark indicates where a pellet hit a car travelling along Sumas Way in Abbotsford on July 1.

This mark indicates where a pellet hit a car travelling along Sumas Way in Abbotsford on July 1.

Michael, his wife, and their two kids had just crossed the border into Abbotsford on their way back from watching a baseball game in Seattle on Canada Day at about 10:30 p.m. when they heard a loud bang.

Something had hit their brand-new Honda Accord – purchased the day before –  and they thought it must have been a rock bouncing up from the truck in front of them as they travelled north on Sumas Way between Vye and McConnell roads.

But at a stop for dinner not long after, Michael (who did not want his surname used) realized the mark could not have been caused by a rock.

There was a small hole located just below the window on the rear passenger side, where his eight-year-old daughter had been sitting.

There were no other marks or scratches along the car, and Michael believed the dent had been caused by a pellet or bullet.

He called police when they arrived home in Port Moody, and was told he was the second person that night to call about such an incident in that area.

The family was asked to meet Abbotsford Police officers back at the scene so a report could be filed.

Const. Ian MacDonald confirmed that police received two such reports on the evening of July 1, and the hole on Michael’s vehicle had been caused by a pellet.

He said police combed the area looking for the culprit and knocked on residents’  doors, but there were no suspects or witnesses. MacDonald said police also tried to gather surveillance video, but there are no cameras along that stretch of Sumas Way.

Michael said he wants people to be aware of the situation.

“I hope this person (the shooter) doesn’t feel confident that they can do it again … It could have gone terribly wrong.”

The Abbotsford Police Department is asking for anyone who might have experienced a similar incident, or who has information, to call them at 604-859-5225.