One, two, three for Abbotsford Liberals

Mike de Jong, Darryl Plecas and Simon Gibson win seats

  • May. 14, 2013 5:00 p.m.
Abbotsford's civic councillor Simon Gibson has been declared a Liberal winner.

Abbotsford's civic councillor Simon Gibson has been declared a Liberal winner.

Traditional provincial Liberal Abbotsford ridings stayed true to their politically historic course, along with Abbotsford-Mission, as voters swept three Liberal candidates into dominant victories.

Abbotsford West incumbent Mike de Jong easily regained his seat with more than 50 per cent of the vote to his NDP challenger Sukhi Dhami with 29 per cent.

Abbotsford South newcomer university professor Darryl Plecas also coasted into a win with  48 per cent support over long-time incumbent and former Liberal turned Conservative and eventually independent candidate John van Dongen.

In Abbotsford-Mission, Abby civic councillor Simon Gibson was declared victorious with more than half of the ballots counted, dominating his NDP competitor Preet Rai’s 23 per cent.

Watch videos of the winning candidates and runners-up for Abbotsford West, Abbotsford South and Abbotsford Mission, and read their election night interviews.

Abbotsford News reporters followed key candidates through the evening. Read their reporting updates for Abbotsford West, Abbotsford South, and Abbotsford-Mission.


Abbotsford-Mission Wendy Bales Independent 386 2.07%
Roman Bojczuk Independent 205 1.10%
Aird Flavelle Green Party of BC 1,674 8.96%
Simon Gibson BC Liberal Party 9,565 51.17%
Marcus Halliday BC Excalibur Party 112 0.60%
Preet Rai BC NDP 4,939 26.42%
Don Stahl BC Conservative Party 1,811 9.69%
117 of 117 ballot boxes reported 18,692 100%
Abbotsford South Steve Finlay BC Marijuana Party 370 2.02%
Lakhvinder Jhaj BC NDP 3,745 20.48%
Darryl Plecas BC Liberal Party 8,811 48.19%
Patricia Smith BC Excalibur Party 219 1.20%
John van Dongen Independent 5,138 28.10%
134 of 134 ballot boxes reported 18,283 100%
Abbotsford West Michael de Jong BC Liberal Party 8,645 50.76%
Sukhi Dhami BC NDP 4,978 29.23%
Moe Gill Independent 973 5.71%
Kerry-Lynn Osbourne BC Excalibur Party 42 0.25%
Stephen Carl O’Shea Green Party of BC 761 4.47%
Paul Brian Redekopp BC Conservative Party 1,633 9.59%
114 of 114 ballot boxes reported 17,032 100%

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