Neighbour reports python on the loose

Abbotsford Police received an unusual call on Sunday morning

A Burmese python with an apparent penchant for chicken prompted a call to the Abbotsford Police Department on Sunday morning.

Const. Ian MacDonald said a resident in the 33800 block of Mayfair Avenue called police just before 10 a.m. to report that the five-foot-long reptile was inching its way toward the chickens he kept in his yard.

The resident knew who owned the python, but didn’t want to leave his chickens to track down the person, MacDonald said.

Police quickly located the nearby owner, who informed them that the python had escaped his confines three days earlier. The man didn’t realize the snake had escaped the residence.

The pair were reunited without incident.

MacDonald said it was an unusual call for police.

“Who would you normally call if you spot a reptile? … If they’re dealing with an emergency situation, people should call police. We don’t take exception to that,” he said.