More transit tickets distributed

Discounted transit passes help Abbotsford and Mission residents who are facing financial difficulties.

  • Feb. 8, 2014 5:00 a.m.

The Mission Abbotsford Transit Committee (MATC) has approved an increase in the number of transit tickets given to individuals facing financial difficulties.

“Discounted transit passes can make a real difference for families and individuals struggling to make ends meet,” said committee member Abbotsford Coun. Henry Braun.

“The costs associated with transportation can often lead to social isolation and can affect people’s ability to access needed services. Providing additional tickets to help improve access to transportation and transit to those who need it most . . . is the right thing to do.”

Wayne Green, executive director of United Way of the Fraser Valley, said that local service providers were surveyed to determine the need.

“With this program, United Way works with 18 partners distributing transit tickets so that people are able to attend medical or dental appointments, counselling sessions or even basic things like grocery shopping.”

Green was satisfied that the increase will meet all of the current demand in the two communities – a 33 per cent increase in adult tickets and an increase in tickets for children from 40 to 260 per month.

A new need was identified this year for HandyDART tickets, which was also approved.

Mission Mayor Ted Adlem, MATC chair, believes the partnership with United Way to provide emergency transit assistance to those with limited incomes is valuable.

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