Moe Gill still considering run for Liberal party

Abbotsford city councillor hasn't ruled out putting his name forward at a nomination meeting leading up to the next provincial election

Moe Gill

Moe Gill

The B.C. Liberal party is currently running low in the polls, and there have been several high profile departures and a defection, but that hasn’t ended Abbotsford Coun. Moe Gill’s desire to run for the party in the next provincial election.

He apparently has until September to decide.

“We really haven’t made a decision on that. We’re still considering,” said Gill on Thursday.

He said the party will hold a nomination meeting in September to pick their candidate for Abbotsford South, and he believes there are at least two other people who will also seek the nomination. Gill said he was not sure who the other potential nominees are.

Gill has served as a city councillor for 16 years, first elected in 1996.

The Abbotsford ridings have long been considered safe seats for the Liberals, but whoever wins the nomination will be running against MLA John van Dongen. He left the Liberal party in March 2012 to join the B.C. Conservative Party.

Liberals Kash Heed, Dave Hayer, Murray Coell, Kevin Krueger and Harry Bloy have all announced they will not be running in the 40th B.C. general election, which is scheduled for May 14, 2013. Barry Penner and Ian Black have quit the party.

For more than a year, polls have shown the governing Liberals running a distant second to the NDP. Many political pundits say the emergence of the Conservative party, which is polling just behind the Liberals, has split the centre-right vote.

“It’s going to be an exciting election,” Gill predicted.