Members vote to keep Ledgeview Golf Course

Ledgeview Golf Society has voted to not surrender the lease to the city.

The members of Abbotsford’s Ledgeview Golf Course have decided not to give up control of the facility to the city.

Pat Differ, president of the Ledgeview Golf Society, said a meeting was held on Oct. 9 and members were asked “Do you support the society surrendering the lease to the city?”

A 75 per cent majority vote was needed to approve the move, but a group calling itself the “continuation committee” helped convince members to vote no.

“They gave a presentation saying they represent a group that desires to continue,” said Differ.

The presentation made several recommendations that Differ would not elaborate on.

“Basically there is a board meeting tomorrow morning (Tuesday) and the continuation committee is going to be present and they are going to lay out their plans for the next little while at Ledgeview,” said Differ.

Differ did say a leadership change is likely.

“What I think might happen is, as a board, we might just pass the torch to them and they’ll be taking over from this point on.”

Ledgeview has been facing financial difficulty. In January, the society asked council for $250,000 in financial support. It was the first time the group had approached the city for help. After running the course successfully for the past 30 years, the club lost $112,000 in 2010, $240,000 in 2011 and was expecting to lose $150,000 this year.

In May, the city granted Ledgeview a one-time support of $115,000, including $65,000 in rent forgiveness and $50,000 toward capital improvements.

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