Matsqui Trail vs. Bateman/Stoney Crk; Rd 3 voting opens in best-park bracket

Matsqui Trail vs. Bateman/Stoney Crk; Rd 3 voting opens in best-park bracket

Voting continues in ongoing bracket to determine Abbotsford’s favourite park

Abbotsford is blessed with dozens of parks, some among the very best in the Lower Mainland. We are running a Final Four-style bracket that pits Abbotsford’s lesser-loved parks against one another. Vote for your favourite park and see if you’re in the majority. At the end, we’ll set the best of the bunch against Mill Lake Park, and see if its backers can help it knock off the city’s crown jewel. At the end of the day, hopefully you will find a new park to explore.

The second round of voting left us with two intriguing third-round match-ups. (See the results here.)

We will break these into two separate posts to hopefully avoid the second-round’s website-voting problem. Once again, voting will take place on this and the other match-up’s website article. (Find it here.) There will also be voting on our Facebook page. We’ll then combine the results to determine which parks will face-off in our preliminary final. (Initial seedings are in brackets). Voting for the third round will take place over the next weekend.

Matsqui Trail Regional Park (6) vs. Bateman/Stoney Creek Park (7)

Each of these parks have each shown their strength, but the victor will be in tough in the next month.

Matsqui defeated Horn Creek with 61 per cent of the vote in the first round, then knocked off Aldergrove Regional in the second with 56 per cent of votes.

Bateman and Stoney Creek, meanwhile, have rolled through the bracket. In the first round, it took 69 per cent of votes in a match-up with Albert Dyck Park. And the second round saw it take 68 per cent of the vote to best Rotary Stadium/Exhibition Park in what may be the biggest upset of the bracket so far. That result may suggest that Bateman’s fields and Stoney Creek’s trails form a particularly popular combination.

Matsqui, though, boasts fishing territory and equestrian trails that Bateman doesn’t have.

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