Dana Larsen was in Abbotsford Wednesday to discuss marijuana reform.

Dana Larsen was in Abbotsford Wednesday to discuss marijuana reform.

Marijuana campaign stops in Abbotsford

Dana Larsen of Sensible BC needs to collect about 400,000 signatures to move his ideas forward.

About 50 people came out to hear Sensible BC director Dana Larsen speak at the Clearbrook Library on Wednesday.

Larsen was in Abbotsford as part of a provincial tour to promote the marijuana referendum campaign.

Sensible BC is a marijuana advocacy group that is working to decriminalize the simple possession of cannabis in B.C. through the Sensible Policing Act.

“I think overall it went pretty well – it was a big crowd,” said Larsen after the event.

He said he was surprised by the support.

“People keep telling me, ‘Oh Abbotsford, they’re conservative, you aren’t going to find any supporters there,’ and it was a very strong turnout…”

He said a majority of those who attended signed up to volunteer as canvassers.

Elections BC has given approval in principle to the Sensible Policing Act, proposed by Larsen, which would disallow the use of B.C. police resources to prosecute possession of small amounts of pot by adults.

Larsen said the Sensible Policing Act is a first step to legalization.

Sensible BC is working to register canvassers in every B.C. community before the signature-gathering period begins.

“We have until Sept. 9 to get ready and we then have 90 days to collect 400,000 signatures that we need.”

If canvassers can collect signatures from 10 per cent of registered voters in every electoral district, the Sensible Policing Act will be put to a referendum in 2014.