Police blocked off a portion of Bradner Road following a drive-by shooting last September.

Police blocked off a portion of Bradner Road following a drive-by shooting last September.

Man shot in Surrey was arrested in Abbotsford in September

It's the third time "known gang member” Jujhar Singh Khun-Khun has been targeted.

A man seriously injured in a shooting in Surrey on Tuesday was among four men arrested in Abbotsford last September after a drive-by shooting on Bradner Road.

Jujhar Singh Khun-Khun was hit just after 2 a.m. when shots were fired near 127 Street and 112B Avenue in the Bridgeview area.

Manjinder Singh Hairan, 29, was fatally gunned down in the incident, which police have called “gang-related.”

Khun-Khun has been the subject of two previous targeted shootings.

The first was in October 2010, when he was critically injured – and associate Gurmit Dhak was killed – in a shooting outside of Metrotown mall in Burnaby.

The second was in Surrey in September 2011, when Khun-Khun’s car was sprayed with bullets. Dhak’s brother, Sukh, was nearby, but was not wounded in the incident. However, Sukh died Nov. 26, 2012 after he was gunned down in the lobby of a Burnaby hotel, along with his bodyguard.

Khun-Khun’s second shooting was believed to be in retaliation for the targeted hit of Abbotsford’s Jonathan Bacon – a key player in the Red Scorpions gang, along with his two brothers – in August 2011 in Kelowna.

It has been widely speculated that the Dhak-Duhre group was behind the hit, which also wounded Hells Angel Larry Amero and Independent Soldier James Riach.

After Bacon’s shooting, the Gang Task Force issued a warning that anyone associating with the Dhaks or Duhres was at risk of violence and retaliation.

No charges were laid against Khun-Khun as a result of his Abbotsford arrest.

“Information to obtain (ITO) a search warrant” documents filed by police after the incident indicate that he and three others were arrested Sept. 4. The allegations in the ITO have not been proven in court.

Khun-Khun, 25, is referred to in the ITO as a “known gang member.”

The ITO for the Abbotsford incident states that Khun-Khun and the three other men were stopped by police in a Dodge Charger that had been seen leaving the 2500 block of Bradner Road after a shots-fired report.

A man who had been in a second car at the scene was shot in the arm, but his three companions were not injured. The group had apparently returned from a trip to the PNE in Vancouver, and had just pulled into the driveway of the Bradner Road home when shots were fired at them.

Police followed and stopped the suspect vehicle in Aldergrove, and the car was seized, leading to an application to search it for evidence.

The residence had been the scene of a prior drive-by shooting in January 2011. Nobody was injured, and police at the time said the home was occupied by two men known to police.

According to the ITO documents, one of the Bradner Road brothers was in the vehicle that was shot at during the incident on Sept. 24. The other brother is known to have connections to the Bacon brothers.

Jarrod Bacon is currently serving a 12-year sentence for conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Jamie Bacon is in prison on a weapons conviction, while awaiting trial for murder in the Surrey Six slayings.

Surveillance video has been installed by police in the area of the Bradner Road shootings.