Looking for owner of special box of handkerchiefs

Collection found at Highstreet shopping centre in Abbotsford

This box of handkerchiefs was found by an Abbotsford woman

This box of handkerchiefs was found by an Abbotsford woman

An Abbotsford woman hopes to find the owner of a special package that she found this week while at the Highstreet shopping centre on Mt. Lehman Road.

Johanna, who didn’t want her last name used, was in the underground parking area near Walmart on Monday or Tuesday morning, when she spotted a unique box on the ground by some shopping carts.

She lifted the lid and found a collection of carefully folded handkerchiefs, some appearing to be quite old.

Johanna believes the items have sentimental value to someone.

“I know what it is like to have an old handkerchief, one that my great-grandmother embroidered. It has survived two world wars and also survived my family fleeing and travelling from place to place for two years during and after World War Two,” she said.

Johanna wonders if the box is discarded loot from a break-in or whether it was accidentally dropped by the owner.

Anyone with information about the box of handkerchiefs is asked to post a message below or with the link on the Abbotsford News Facebook page, send an email to newsroom@abbynews.com or call reporter Vikki Hopes at 604-851-4530.

They will then be put in touch with Johanna for verification of the items in the box, many of which can’t be seen in the picture.