Lock it up, police advise residents

Too many people are leaving their vehicles and homes unlocked, says the Abbotsford Police Department

Lock it up, police advise residents

The Abbotsford Police Department (APD) has launched a mini public-awareness campaign to remind people to lock up their homes and vehicles.

Const. Ian MacDonald said police have been astounded at the number of thefts that have occurred from people failing to lock a door or window.

They have created a series of short videos – called the Not Even Locked Project – that have been posted on YouTube to remind people of some common-sense tips.

“You have criminals who are opportunists … They’re trying doors and windows, and when they find one that’s open, they’re in,” MacDonald said.

In a period of just over two weeks, police received about 50 reports of people having items such as electronics, cash and ID stolen from their cars.

In the majority of cases, the vehicles were left unlocked, MacDonald said.

In one case, a driver left his vehicle unlocked with his car keys and wallet on the seat.

The man’s credit and debit cards had his personal  identification numbers written on the back.

MacDonald said not only did the thief steal the vehicle, but he used the PIN numbers to access the man’s bank and credit card accounts.

“What poster or video could I possibly make for that? Nobody would believe it,” MacDonald said.

He said cars aren’t the only target; 38 per cent of homes that have been broken into in Abbotsford this year were left unlocked.

To view the videos, visit the Abbotsford Police Department feed on YouTube.

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