Land identified for sanctioned homeless camp in Abbotsford

5 and 2 Ministries said local property owner willing to allow project on their land

Ward Draper of 5 and 2 Ministries

Ward Draper of 5 and 2 Ministries

The plan for creating a sanctioned camp for homeless people in Abbotsford is a step closer to reality.

Ward Draper, of 5 and 2 Ministries, said a local property owner has offered a piece of land to use for a “Dignity Village” – a transitional housing campground that would help provide a stable, clean and safe place for homeless people to stay.

Draper said the group is currently working with the property owner to “nail down the details” of how the project would work.

Draper said he cannot currently say where the land is located, but “it is perfectly situated.”

“It’s a spot that will address most of the location for our communities needs – for the homeless community and for the businesses and homeowners.”

Draper said Mayor Bruce Banman and Coun. Henry Braun have expressed support for the idea, and he plans to meet with city representatives in the next few days to discuss the project and finalize details.

The vision for the village includes providing temporary transitional housing units, a community hub where service providers could set up, a community garden, and social enterprise to help people get back to work.

Draper said he wants the village to be as much a self-sustaining community as possible without placing a burden on anyone.

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