Joshua House projects to move forward

Council gives approval for projects following public hearing

Two supportive recovery homes located on farmland off of Fraser Highway were approved by council on Monday evening.

Joshua House, also known as Yahweh Saves Recovery Ministries, proposed to operate two 10-bed men’s homes at 29183 Fraser Hwy., using maintenance and development of the farmland as part of the recovery program. The property is about nine acres with two homes and several small barns used for cows, goats, pigs and chickens.

The proposal was discussed at a public hearing on Sept. 23, with supporters and former clients stating that the facility would be a great help to those in need of recovery. On Monday, council gave the proposals third reading, and will give a final approval at an upcoming meeting.

Lester Bolan, a former resident of Joshua House, said he spent time in the Downtown Eastside and suffered from addiction before becoming clean and sober five years ago. He said a spiritual program with a farm, like Joshua House has proposed, would give people seeking recovery the purpose they have been missing in the past.

Angie Korkowski, executive director of Joshua House, said the rural setting will provide fewer distractions for men in recovery, and tending to livestock and the land will provide the men with necessary skills.

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