Jam in Jubilee kicks off summer run in downtown Abbotsford

Concert series is held in Jubilee Park every Thursday

The opening night of Jam in Jubilee was on Thursday

The opening night of Jam in Jubilee was on Thursday

The Jam in Jubilee Summer Concert Series kicked off last night in Jubilee Park, located in downtown Abbotsford in the area of South Fraser Way and McCallum Road.

The show in the park featured performances by Rachel & Ted, Jay Arner and Kin.

Following the park performances, the event then moved to Townhall Public House for a show by Rare Vos as part of the new “After Dark Series,” hosted by UFV’s CiVL Radio.

Jam in Jubilee is run entirely by volunteers, and the past four series were fuelled by an estimated 25,000 volunteer hours.

This year’s concert series runs every Thursday at 7 p.m. from July 10 to Aug. 14.

For more information, visit jaminjubilee.com.

July 17- Rock Salt; Derrival; Queen Bee and the Buzzkills; Warm Amps (for the ‘After Dark Series’)

July 24- Groovedaddy; John Welsh; Vicious Cycles; Minnesota Nice (for the ‘After Dark Series’)

July 31- Quinn & Tonic; Tommy Alto; Open Letters; The Tourist Company (for the ‘After Dark Series’)

August 7- The New Atlas; Ballantyne; Film Festival (short local films); This is the SHOES (for the ‘After Dark Series’)

August 14- Kat & Tony; Doja; Young Liars; Harma White (for the ‘After Dark Series’)







Rachel & Ted kicked off Jam in Jubilee’s summer run.