Integrating newly hired teachers into Abbotsford school system won't disturb classes

Integrating newly hired teachers into Abbotsford school system won't disturb classes

Influx of new teachers won’t disturb classes, district says

New hires will be integrated into schools, without forming new classes

Abbotsford students will not be pulled out of their existing classes to form new ones for the coming influx of new teachers, according to a spokesperson.

School principals will decide how to incorporate their share of the planned new hires in the coming weeks, Kayla Stuckart said. The hiring blitz comes after a new agreement between the province and the B.C. Teachers’ Federation, following a Supreme Court of Canada ruling.

“The addition of these new positions will enhance student learning and provide greater support for a variety of learning environments in our schools,” Stuckart said in an email.

On its website, the district currently has 73 job postings for a variety of full-time and part-time positions, including librarians, learning support staff and temporary teachers on call (TTOC).

Individuals hired into the district’s TTOC pool are able to apply for other temporary and continuing positions, Stuckart said.

“The Abbotsford school district is proud to be a high-performing, financially stable and innovative district,” she said. That makes it appealing to teachers who currently have the option to apply to many area districts, who are also hiring.

Stuckart also said teachers are likely attracted to the professional development for new teachers.

“Abbotsford is also one of the fastest growing communities in the Lower Mainland,” Stuckart said. “Teachers are sometimes surprised to learn that Abbotsford is a young, vibrant and affordable community.”

Stuckart also said she anticipated some applicants would include teachers who live in Abbotsford but teach in other districts.

“This is a great opportunity to transfer closer to home,” she said.