Hopes and wishes for a new year in Abbotsford

Residents share what they'd like to see happen in 2017, from help for the homeless to AHL hockey to better health care.

Hopes and wishes for a new year in Abbotsford

As 2016 wound to an end last weekend, The News asked Facebook followers to reveal what they’d like to see in the new year.

The following is a selection of their replies:

Morgan Hiebert

I hope to see people wake up to this fentanyl crisis and try to help as many men and women as possible overcome their addictions in such a dire time. Now isn’t the time to turn your back; it’s time to reach out to those in need with a helping hand. Often times the user is just simply too embarrassed to ask friends/family for help because of the circumstances, and then all of a sudden it’s too late and they are gone forever. We need to put an end to this.

Nate Riley

Like to see more community support to help tackle the homeless, drug overdose and mental health issues. And would just like to see people be more kind and loving to each other 🙂

Bob Erwin

I would like to see AHL Hockey return to Abbotsford. I am still convinced there is a market for it. I was a season ticket holder for two years. Great inexpensive family fun.

Evan Connolly

Having to wait in the hospital for an unearthly amount of time on Boxing Day because all the clinics were closed and people were going to emergency is not a fun experience. Seriously, six and a half hours wait time? Not acceptable. Why not build a separate clinic open all hours for minor cases so that those who really need to get into emergency can get in quick?

Lua Marie Nevill

Abbotsford greatly needs an urgent care centre that is open 24 hours a day and is open on holidays and weekends. The hospital is just too congested for people to go there for minor things.

Chantal Caron

For Abbotsford to completely do an about-face in regards to the homeless. See them as valuable people that need and deserve our help to get into a better situation. Clean safe, washroom facilities is number one. This includes a place to shower and do laundry. Individual stalls where they are safe and their belongings are safe. Proper nutrition, restaurant-style, where they are asked what they want. This gives dignity.

Then any help they need to get stronger. Drug rehab, transport to places with jobs, help finding jobs or preparing for the work world. No money, you say? What is more important? Lives or sports or culture? I say lives. Sports are great for kids but let’s focus on some that are less expensive. A very good accountant can make it work. Let’s roll up our sleeves, Abbotsford, and make sure all of our people get what they need to become productive members of our society. Everybody would win from this.

Bree Agafonow

I hope to see some snowplows.

Jessica Allan

More reliable transit.

Keith Jaques

I hope we get some new snowplows for Christmas 2017. I’m sure our plow drivers are exhausted!

Tina Richardson

We hope to see people laughing and smiling! Life is short – wishing people will remember to enjoy each day and be thankful for the little things. Abbotsford gives us so much to be thankful for and thankfulness brings joy.

Our city in the country offers many community events, distinct seasons, parks, pools, libraries, shopping and movies as well as plenty of choices of good food to eat and a variety of other activities – painting, crafting, skating, sports, music and entertainment. I hope to see the youth of today who are the future of tomorrow enjoying being outdoors and building relationships!

Leah Olson

I would like to see Abbotsford show there is something being done about fentanyl. Intent being struck across our country but why not us start to really crack down? Yes, the users are receivers but it’s the dealers where it comes from. They need to be stopped.

These dealers have always had the upper hand in every avenue. It’s not until they make too much noise, so to speak, or are a person of interest that they are being put into our jails and, better than that, actual convictions that stick. How is this not premeditated by the knowing that fentanyl is a killer much worse than the risk of the users’ usual drug alone? How can this not be dealt with?

Mary McNeill

I would like to see Abbotsford citizens have more pride in their city by not throwing garbage everywhere. Our streets are littered.

Nicki Bennett

I hope to see the beginning of an iBelong! Community Centre, for individuals who are faced with disabilities/special needs and those who support them. A front-line presence to connect individuals to each other and to services within the community, while providing shared resources and a facility. This will take a team of compassionate, passionate people to hop on board to make a difference in the futures of many.

Patti Loewen Millard

Facebook less, face to face more. Change what I can, don’t stress over what I can’t. Do kind things for people, have no expectations in return. 364 days from now, be able to look back and say “Yes, I finally accomplished my NY’s goals!”

Linda Bond Swanepoel

An off-leash dog park/trail in East Abbotsford, like Mckee area (Bateman is too far for those living east of the tennis bubble.)

Jenna Zilinsky

I hope to start volunteering in the dental office at the Abbotsford food bank.

Carrie Wachsmann

I appreciate our mayor. I believe he is a man of integrity and one who wants the best for our city. My hope is that the mayor and city council will make some significant progress in dealing with the homeless situation in 2017. We as individuals also have a responsibility to do what we can do ­– to be instruments of change.

Kim O’Sullivan

More time with friends and family 🙂 Enjoying each and every day – and living life to the fullest 🙂

Perry Dueck

Happy New Year to Abbotsford. What a beautiful way to bring in the new year. It looks like a new and clean slate so let’s do it right this year.

Meeshyell Proulx

More rentals! Especially those that allow pets … Come on, 2017!