Homeless camp under overpass hasn’t impacted structural integrity: ministry

Ministry is working with local agencies to ensure the camper is moved respectfully

A homeless camp under Highway 1 at Riverside Road.

A homeless camp under Highway 1 at Riverside Road.

A homeless camp under Highway 1 at Riverside Road has generated a number of public complaints about the accumulation of trash as well as the safety of the bridge, due to the occupants digging into the slope.

In response to emailed questions from The News, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure says it is taking the “appropriate steps to ensure the safety of the travelling public is maintained.”

A statement from the ministry said that a site and bridge inspection was recently completed, which “noted some change to the soil slopes at the west end of the overpass.”

Online commenters have questioned the potential impact on the overpass, but the ministry stated that there are no threats to the structural integrity of the bridge.

The ministry says it is working with the city, Abbotsford police and local social agencies to ensure the issue is handled respectfully.

The ministry responded that there is currently “a single occupant who is residing under the overhead” and police have been in discussion with the person and have reached an agreement for the person to leave the area shortly.

The ministry will restore the site and clean up debris, as well as fill in the soil slope at the west end of the overpass.