‘History Minutes’ capture Abbotsford heritage

Short videos were researched, created and scripted by local students through The Reach Gallery Museum.

'History Minutes' capture Abbotsford heritage

The Reach Gallery Museum has released a series of videos, called History Minutes, designed to get kids more interested in local history.

Four of the videos were shown at a premier at the museum on Tuesday evening. The clips were researched, created and scripted by local students to provide quick snippets of information about local history.

The project began last October as an after-school program at the museum, with the support of a $6,000 grant from the Rotary Club of Abbotsford.

Kris Foulds, collections manager at the museum, introduced participants to various topics and gave them an overview.

The kids then selected the subjects they wanted to develop into the short videos, and they worked with Foulds and UFV practicum student Kailey Erickson to develop them.

The footage for six clips was filmed in the last month.

The four videos that have been released touch on the flood of 1948, urban myths about Abbotsford history, famed athlete Eugene Reimer, and a kids’ protest in the 1940s when the price of chocolate bars rose from five cents to eight cents.

Two other videos cover the 80-year history of South Poplar school and a South Poplar resident’s recollection of the Christmas of 1937.

The completed videos will be posted on The Reach website and YouTube.

“It was a really great way to bring the history of Abbotsford to life and get the kids engaged in history,” said Suzanne Greening, executive director at The Reach, of the project.

The Reach has plans to produce another four videos with kids’ involvement. Any school or community groups that would like to get involved are asked to contact Kris Foulds at 604-864-8087 (ext. 112).