High-risk sex offender back out of prison

Raymond Caissie, who assaulted a woman in Abbotsford, finished short sentences for theft, probation breach

Raymond Caissie

Raymond Caissie

by Sheila Reynolds

A convicted violent sex offender is once again back out of jail after serving a short sentence for theft and breaching his probation.

Raymond Lee Caissie was initially released from jail last June after spending 22 years in prison for the 1991 rape of a woman in Abbotsford.

However, last month he pleaded guilty to stealing merchandise from a Surrey store and was sentenced to 21 days in jail. Two weeks prior, on Jan. 28, he had already been sentenced to three months jail and three years probation for breaching a peace bond.

Court records show he is no longer in custody.

B.C. Corrections issued a warning when he got out of jail last June after serving his full sentence for the rape because he’s still considered a high-risk offender and has a varied and violent criminal history.

It was July 1991 when he forced a summer student working at Abbotsford’s Trethewey House to remove her clothes and sexually assaulted her. He then drove her across the U.S. border, where he assaulted her again before tying her to a tree and fleeing.

Conditions of his release include not possessing knives or any other weapons, keeping the peace and reporting regularly to a probation officer.

His criminal record also includes theft, break and enter and possession of stolen property. According to court files, he has gone by the aliases Brett Alen Stevens, Raymond Lee Carlton and Brian Peele in the past.