Friend sets up trust fund for cancer battle

Sofia Bradaric of Abbotsford wants to help her friend with added expenses.

Sofia Bradaric with a photo of her friend Kenneth Thomas

Sofia Bradaric with a photo of her friend Kenneth Thomas

An Abbotsford woman has set up a trust fund to help a friend with his cancer battle.

Sofia Bradaric, 48, said her friend Kenneth Thomas lives on a small pension and has difficulty affording the $300 a month needed to buy special foods and supplements during his second battle with cancer.

“His pension barely covers rent, hydro, gas and transport costs to all the doctors he sees,” she said.

“He is trying to sell personal property just to provide the foods his doctor wants him on.”

Thomas first battled cancer in 1999 and had reconstructive stomach surgery. His cancer went into remission but returned in 2012.

Bradaric said Thomas requires special supplements – such as protein drinks and vitamins – that are not covered by provincial health care.

She said she has contributed much of her savings over the last year to help Thomas, but can no longer afford it. Neither one of them has any family who can help out.

She said she wanted to aid Thomas because he is a “great man” who helped her recover from double-knee and double-hip surgeries she required due to the effects of psoriatic arthritis.

“Kenneth took care of me when I was unable to care for myself or walk … The least I can do is try to help him for all the care over the years that  he gave me.”

Donations to the fund can be made out in the name of Sofia Bradaric in trust for Kenneth Thomas at the TD Canada Trust on Gladwin Road, account number 6491107.