Food bank theft results in outpouring of community donations

Food bank theft results in outpouring of community donations

Abbotsford charity receives thousands of dollars after making social media post

A theft from the local food bank created an outpouring of support from the community when the organization made a post about their losses on social media.

Nick Johnson, the operations manager for Archway Food Bank in Abbotsford, said it was heartwarming to see thousands of dollars in donations within 24 hours of their Facebook post.

“We very regularly post things on Facebook, and I guess we were a little surprised this one gained so much traction,” he said. “In times of trouble, people really do step up and support and we’re really feeling that right now.”

Four men – who were captured on security cameras – broke into one of the charity’s vans on July 18 and stole expensive equipment being used for events.

“Financially, it’s obviously a huge loss,” Johnson said. “A lot of time and energy has been spent getting us to square one. It’s equipment we need to operate.”

The losses included 10 large tents being used for a soccer camp that allows low-income families to attend at a lower price. The food bank immediately received offers to replace the stolen tents.

One of the businesses that donated was Hunt’s Security, which gave $300. The owner, Sue Hunt, said she did so because she believes in community.

“I’m committed to helping those less fortunate than myself,” she said. “To me, it’s a little donation but it comes from the heart, and that’s where I come from.”

Johnson said the food bank feels empathy for the people who committed the theft.

“It’s never great to be a victim of that, but at the same time, you try to understand that people have their motives that maybe we don’t always understand.”

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