Ed Fast is the incumbent Conservative candidate for the Abbotsford riding in the federal election on Sept. 20.

Ed Fast is the incumbent Conservative candidate for the Abbotsford riding in the federal election on Sept. 20.

Federal election 2021: Ed Fast – Abbotsford

Fast is the incumbent Conservative candidate for the local riding

The Abbotsford News asked candidates in the federal riding of Abbotsford three questions (each with a 100-word limit). The same questions were provided to candidates in the Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon riding and were published in the Sept. 2nd edition. For candidates in the Langley-Aldergrove riding (of which Abbotsford is a part), visit langleyadvancetimes.com.

1. Why are you running to be a Member of Parliament?

Because of my profound concern for the future of my children, grandchildren and generations to come. Justin Trudeau has spent more money than all previous prime ministers combined, without ANY plan to manage the largest intergenerational transfer of debt and risk in our history. Sadly, he has also led the most unethical and corrupt government in our history. How can we promote Canadian values abroad when our own prime minister has twice been convicted of ethics violations at home? We now need laws that mean that people like Justin Trudeau and his ministers suffer real consequences when they violate Canada’s anti-corruption laws.

2. What skills and attributes do you have that would make you a good elected representative for your constituents?

I believe I have the character and temperament to continue to be an effective voice for Abbotsford. But experience and proven success also matter – my 24 successful years in the legal profession, raising a family, 40 years of community involvement. And, of course, my 14 years on school board and city council, and now for 16 years as your MP. I’ve delivered projects like the Clearbrook and McCallum Road interchanges, Mill Lake spray park, upgrades to our JAMES sewage treatment plant, and anti-gang funding. I was also Canada’s trade minister for over four years when we undertook our country’s largest international trade expansion.

3. What are the two biggest issues for your constituents in Abbotsford and how will you and/or your party address them?

The biggest issues facing Abbotsford are housing affordability (including the skyrocketing rents and cost of home ownership), and persistent gang- and drug-related violence. We will ban foreigners from buying up housing, free up surplus federal land for affordable housing, tie transit funding to improved densification, address the role of money laundering in the housing industry, and provide incentives for the development of more affordable rental housing. To address the scourge of gang and gun violence, we will restore mandatory prison sentences for those committing gun violence, which the Liberals eliminated. I will also personally lobby to have Abbotsford federal anti-gang funding fully restored.

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